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WHO we are:

Atopic e.V. is a nonprofit organization, consisting of people from various cultural backgrounds to work on interculturality and international understanding.

HOW we work:

We want to initiate and support projects in emerging and third world countries that improve the local working- and living conditions. For that we cooperate with international partners and companies.

On a national level, we offer seminars on intercultural understanding in the workplace and we serve as a contact for any questions relating to different cultures living together. To achieve this, we work with integration and workers’ councils. We are also documenting parts of our film project for this.

WHAT we want to achieve:

In times of high prosperity and extreme poverty, we would like to make a contribution and educate people in any question concerning globally just distribution processes and sensitizing them in being active global citizens. Our goals are global justice and subsistence securing, and establishing worldwide sustainable and efficient economic concepts.