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Our crew returned from its twelve-day shooting in Ghana on the 21st of October. In the coastal town Winneba footage was taken of the everyday-life of fisherman. The crew got an insight of the two main pillars of Winnebas existence: The fishing industry and the educational system.

In Winneba fish is mainly caught for subsistence use and for local trade. Until now, the fishing industry has its income from the amounts caught. But there exist also contemplative views, for example on trawler-fishing in ghanaian waters. The fear is that future for the local fishing markets could become critical.

The University of Education in Winneba is Ghanas most important centre for the training of tomorrow’s teachers and lecturers. Students can take lectures from all academical devices.

The movie is casting light on both of those important structural aspects of Winneba. It is promoting cooperation projects between universities and town twinnings in Europe – because cross-linking is the only way to make the goal of global justice possible.

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